Fan Boy 3, ManchesterManchester, FanBoy 3

Manchester – first Sunday in the month.

Four or five tables each month at Fanboy 3, 25 Hilton Street, Manchester M1 1EL. Your first session is free and subsequent sessions are at £3 a time. Afternoon sessions start at 12.00 pm, aiming for 5pm finish with second sessions starting at 6pm looking to finish by ten.

We are offering the Pathfinder1 games, Pathfinder 2 games, Starfinder, and some old favourites from previous seasons.

WarhornGames are live on Warhorn for sign up... but please don’t sign-up unless you know you are going to attend. It’s easier to accommodate drop-ins rather than drop-outs. PFS Event 83920

ManchesterNew members We use a site called Warhorn to sign-up for games. So you will first need to set up a warhorn account (it’s free) to be able to sign up to play a game. And as always, please make sure you are available to play before you sign-up. Don’t use Warhorn as a place holder system – it’s not fair on other players or GMs.

We use Warhorn for two reasons:
Firstly it’s a fantastic tool for organising games and balancing tables so you can see what characters will be adventuring along with you and what roles they will be taking. Very helpful.
But secondly it’s also Transparent. You can see which people you will be playing with and decide accordingly. Because we all have different playing styles and we’re not all compatible when it comes to play. So we give the CHOICE to YOU. You can see who you’re GM and fellow players are as you sign-up. If you don’t want to play with them – then don’t sign up.

We pride ourselves on running a safe and friendly playing environment here at the Manchester Pathfinder Lodge. Leave your external worries at the door, enter in and Explore, Report and Cooperate!

Ian Hawthorne VL (England - Manchester)
Jeff Cook (VA - Manchester)

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