Bedford Gladiators 

Bedford Gladiators Pathfinder Lodge meets monthly on a Sunday. If you live nearby why not join us for some Pathfinder Society adventures. You can sign up on our Warhorn.


We meet at the North End Social Club at 60 Roff Avenue, Bedford, MK41 7TW. We are only 15-20 mins walk away from the main Bedford rail station.


From 12 noon normally on the second Sunday of each month. We usually run two slots: 12:15pm-4:30pm and 5pm-9pm. Check on Warhorn.


We run a mixture of Pathfinder Society scenarios as part of Paizo’s worldwide organised play campaign. You can find all the details about the campaign on Paizo's website here.


The group has been meeting to play Pathfinder for over a year. On a normal month we have around 8–10 attendees for Pathfinder allowing us to run two PFS games simultaneously. We are actually part of the Bedford Gladiators Wargames and Roleplaying Club which was formed over 40 years ago. You can find out about the wider club here. Or see what we are regularly playing and discussing on our club forum here.

New players are welcome regardless of whether you have played a tabletop roleplaying game before or not. All players must be 18 or older however – a stipulation from the wider Bedford Gladiators club.

There is no fee for your first visit to us. After your first visit, a charge of £2 per person is payable on the day to the Bedford Gladiators to cover the venue and other club costs.

What do I need to bring?

Just your good selves! We have pre-generated characters, dice, pencils etc available for new players but you can of course bring your own! The venue itself serves drinks and snacks at various times during the day and there are also several places to buy food and drink nearby.

While we are on the subject of food, several players often also meet for breakfast from about 10:30am at the nearby Tavistock pub.

What do I need to do to register?

WarhornPlease go to our Warhorn and click on “Register for this event" and, when you have been cleared to sign up for games, please sign up for the ones you would like to play. If you know what character class and level you are playing please also add this information. For new players – just choose adventures you like the look of!